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How Much Does the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) is the state agency responsible for registering patients and caregivers joining the Massachusetts medical cannabis program. The Commission requires new patients to provide certifications from their medical providers recommending them for medical cannabis use. This certification must be renewed annually when patients renew their registration in the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program.

Cost of Physician Consultation

To obtain a written recommendation for medical marijuana, Massachusetts requires a certifying healthcare provider to confirm that the patient was diagnosed with at least one of the qualifying medical conditions for medical cannabis in the state. Providers eligible to provide this certification include physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. These providers must also be registered in the program. While they cannot charge patients for medical cannabis recommendations, eligible practitioners are allowed to charge for certification, and annual recertification, visits. The cost of such provider consultation varies from practice to practice. On average, patients should expect to pay $100 - $400 for such visits.

Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card Fee

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission does not charge a fee to join the state’s medical marijuana program and provides MMJ cards to patients and caregivers for free. The cost to renew a Massachusetts medical cannabis card is also $0. However, the state does charge a $10 fee to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged MMJ card. Indigent patients and caregivers may apply directly to the CCC for a fee waiver when replacing their cards.

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