Norfolk County Cannabis – Is It Legal & Where To Buy 2024

Is Cannabis Cultivation Legal in Norfolk County?

Yes. The cannabis legalization in Massachusetts took effect on December 15, 2016. The Regulation And Taxation Of Marijuana Act allowed cannabis cultivation for licensed facilities and even homegrown cannabis for qualified residents. According to the Cannabis Control Commission of Massachusetts, these are the requirements for cannabis home cultivation:

  • Must be 21 years old or above. 
  • May grow up to six plants in the primary residence, making sure to harvest the plants on a cycle so that you will never have more than six plants flowering at a time.
  • If more than one person in residence is 21 years old or above, the maximum number of plants is 12. 
  • The cannabis plants must be grown in an enclosed and locked area.
  • The plants must not be visible to the public eye without the use of binoculars, aircraft, or other visual aids. 
  • If you are a registered and qualified patient of the state’s medical marijuana program, you are permitted to grow adequate cannabis to yield a 60-day supply for personal, medical use. A 60-day supply is also defined as enough to provide 10 ounces of usable marijuana.
  • If you rent your property, always bear in mind that landlords can legally restrict cannabis cultivation. Make sure to ask your landlord or check your lease.
  • You cannot manufacture at-home cannabis or hemp by means of any gas or liquid in addition to alcohol that has a flashpoint that is below 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the Regulation And Taxation Of Marijuana Act also discusses that cannabis facilities are not allowed to cultivate, process, display, sell, or manufacture cannabis or cannabis-related products when it’s too conspicuous to the public eye. A greenhouse or outdoor cannabis cultivation area shall also have sufficient security measures, including perimeter security fencing, so that the products are not readily accessible by unauthorized individuals.

Is Cannabis Manufacturing Legal in Norfolk County?

Yes, cannabis manufacturing is legal in Norfolk County. The Cannabis Control Commission, an agency that ensures the implementation of Massachusetts’ cannabis law, authored 935 CMR, which says that a marijuana manufacturer may obtain, manufacture, process, package, and transport products to marijuana establishments and transfer these products to other marijuana establishments, but not to consumers.

A marijuana manufacturer shall also meet all permits, environmental laws, regulations, and other applicable approvals, including water quality, air pollution control, and solid and hazardous waste management. All marijuana establishments shall implement adequate security measures to deter theft of cannabis products, prevent unauthorized entrance into the area, and ensure the safety of employees, consumers, and the general public. 

The manufacturer shall also share the establishment's floor plan or layout with Law Enforcement Authorities. The facility must not be closer than 500 feet from a school. Furthermore, the buffer zone distance of 500 feet shall be measured in a straight line from the geometric center of the school entrance to the geometric center of the marijuana facility. 

Is Cannabis Retail Legal in Norfolk County?


Yes. According to Cannabis Control Commission’s 935 CMR, a marijuana retailer may purchase, sell, repackage, or transfer cannabis to marijuana establishments and sell it to consumers. In addition, marijuana retailers shall not allow on-site consumption by consumers on the premises of their facility. Retailers shall only operate all marijuana-related activities at the address identified in their license. 


For recreational use:

  • Adults age 21 or older can purchase or grow adult-use marijuana, but they will need to show a government-issued ID to the retailer before buying cannabis products. 
  • You may also carry up to one ounce of marijuana and may possess up to 10 ounces of adult-use marijuana in your home.
  • It’s illegal to use recreational marijuana in public.


For medical use:

  • Qualifying patients aged 18 years and above must be approved by a doctor and certified by the state before being allowed to possess up to a 60-day cannabis supply legally.
  • For qualifying patients below 18 years old,  they must be approved by two state-licensed certifying doctors, who must diagnose the patient as having a life-limiting or debilitating health condition.
  • It’s illegal to consume medical marijuana in public.


According to the Regulation And Taxation Of Marijuana Act, concentrated forms of marijuana and marijuana products, including edible products, topical products, ointments, oils, beverages, and tinctures, are approved for sale.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal in Norfolk County?

Yes. Cannabis Control Commission’s 935 CMR says that all marijuana transporters or couriers may deliver marijuana directly to consumers from a marijuana retailer, patients, or caregivers from a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. A marijuana courier may own or have an interest in cannabis cultivation, social consumption establishment, research, product manufacturing, retail, or transportation license. A marijuana courier shall only be limited on an exclusive basis to certain businesses for a span of 36 months from the date the delivery operator licensee receives a notice to begin operations. However, the Commission may vote to extend that period.

How to Get Medical Marijuana Card in Norfolk County

If you’re a Massachusetts resident and have a qualifying health condition, you may be eligible to enter the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program:

  • Get certified as a patient by visiting a registered certifying health care provider. Patients below 18 years old must be certified by two certifying physicians, one of whom must be a pediatrician
  • Get your government-issued ID ready
  • Get a passport-style photo
  • Once you’ve been certified by your certifying physician, you’ll receive an email from the program that includes your four-digit PIN registration number and the instructions on how to finish your application online
  • If you’re unable to register online, you may register by mail. Note that the processing time for paper applications is longer. Follow the instructions on mail registration

Registration for a medical marijuana card is free of charge. Once your application is approved, you’ll be able to print a temporary medical marijuana card, which allows you to purchase cannabis from a retailer for up to 14 days. You should receive your official medical marijuana card within 7 to 14 business days. 

For more details on obtaining a medical marijuana card in Norfolk County, you may contact Massachusetts' Cannabis Control Commission at:

Cannabis Control Commission

Union Station

2 Washington Square

Worcester, MA 01604

Phone: (774) 415-0200


How Has Cannabis Legalization Impacted the Economy of Norfolk County?

The economic impact of cannabis legalization in Massachusetts is deemed flourishing. According to the Cannabis Control Commission, the cannabis sector has contributed over $3 billion since adult-use marijuana retailers opened in 2018. 

Adult-use cannabis is subject to state sales tax of 6.25%, state excise tax of 10.75%, and local option tax for towns or cities up to 3%. Under Massachusetts law, medical-use marijuana sales are not subject to tax, given that the patients present their medical marijuana card and valid government-issued ID at the time of purchase. 

The Effects of Cannabis Legalization on Crime Rates in Norfolk County

The legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts went into effect in December 2016. According to the FBI crime database, DUI cases in State Police: Norfolk County from 2016 to 2017 showed a minor decrease in the number of arrests, from 235 to 210. Meanwhile, arrests for marijuana possession from 2016 to 2017 have decreased from 44 to 42.

Statewide, data from the FBI crime report showed a significant decrease in Massachusetts’ DUI cases from 2016 to 2017, from 10,240 to 9,080, respectively. The state’s marijuana possession arrests from 2016 to 2017 also decreased, from 6,483 to 5,961, respectively.

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