FAQ - Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card

Can I get a Massachusetts medical marijuana card online?

Yes, you can get a medical marijuana card online if you are diagnosed with a medical condition that qualifies you for medical marijuana in Massachusetts. Consultations with the certifying health care providers are conducted via telehealth appointments and the application with the state is also done online.

How soon will I receive an answer after paying for the consultation appointment?

Your medical provider will give you their advice and recommendations during your consultation.

How can I pay for an appointment for a medical marijuana card?

You can pay for your appointment using major Credit Cards. All fees associated with Massachusetts State Cannabis will be reflected as charges from Booking and Information Portal, LLC on your billing statement.

How long does it take to get a medical marijuana card decision in Massachusetts?

Once approved by the state-licensed certifying health care provider, you will receive a certification letter, which can be used to register with the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program (Program) (online or by mail). When the application is approved, you can print a temporary Program registration card, allowing instant access to Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MTCs) across the state of Massachusetts.

The official plastic Program card arrives via USPS to your home address, typically within 7-14 business days.

What is the total cost to get a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts?

The cost of the appointment with the medical professional is your total cost to be able to obtain medical cannabis in Massachusetts. The MMJ card is issued by the state at no cost. If you lose or destroy the card, the Cannabis Control Commission charges $10 to issue a replacement card.

What is the refund policy? How does money back work?

If you do not receive approval for medical cannabis following your meeting with a medical provider, you can receive a full refund for your certification appointment. We cannot provide a refund for your certification appointment if your application for medical cannabis is denied by the state or if you are ineligible to apply as a medical patient. Our refund policy only applies to the provider's approval process.

All refunds are issued back to the original payment methods. While the refunds are submitted right away, some banks and credit cards may take 5-10 business days to show the transaction.

Do you guarantee a positive decision on the issuance of a medical marijuana card?

The decision of a certifying health care provider is based on the medical condition of the patient. While we cannot guarantee that you will get approved, we guarantee the refund of the money if you meet the qualifications but the appointment does not result in an approval.

Can I renew my Massachusetts medical card with you if I was seen by a different doctor last year?

Yes, renewing your medical card can be done by any health care provider licensed by the state of Massachusetts to certify cannabis patients.

Why get a medical marijuana card?

In Massachusetts, having a medical marijuana card enables you to legally buy and consume medical-grade cannabis products. There are various reasons to get medical-grade cannabis versus the recreationally-accessible “adult-use” cannabis, with some of which are:

  • Tax benefits: Medical cannabis users do not pay taxes on marijuana in MA, while adult-use purchase is subject to an additional 17%-20% “recreational” tax (depending on the location). With an average cannabis user spending $300 per month on cannabis, the medical card can help save over $600 in taxes over the course of the year.
  • Possession Limits: Medical cannabis card holders in MA can possess up to 10 oz. of marijuana at a time, while a recreational user is capped to 1 oz at a time.
  • Home Cultivation Limits: Medical cannabis patients can grow up to 24 plants for personal use (with up to 12 flowering at the same time). Recreational users in Massachusetts can grow no more than 6 plants for personal use.

What are the qualifying conditions in Massachusetts?

In order to qualify for the Massachusetts Medical Use of Marijuana Program, the patient must have one of the following conditions:

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS - Lou Gehrig’s disease)
  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Hepatitis C
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Spasticity
  • Or other debilitating conditions as determined in writing by a certified physician

Can I still apply for a medical marijuana card in Massachusetts if I don’t have a qualifying condition?

Under the current laws in Massachusetts, residents can apply for the inclusion in the Medical Use of Marijuana Program only if their certifying physician recommends cannabis in writing for a debilitating condition.

How long is a medical cannabis card in Massachusetts good for?

Massachusetts medical cannabis certification is good for 1 year, expiring on the date of registration. You can renew your medical card up to 60 days before the expiration date, by getting recertified by a state-registered medical practitioner.

How do I cancel my Massachusetts medical cannabis card

If you do not renew the certification, your card will expire 1 year after issuance.

Can I use my Massachusetts medical marijuana card in other states?

Fifteen states and territories offer some forms of medical marijuana card reciprocity or allow patients from Massachusetts to obtain a temporary out-of-state card while visiting:

  • Arkansas
  • Hawaii
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Puerto Rico
  • Rhode Island
  • Washington D.C.

The following states offer legalized adult (recreational) use of cannabis:

  • Alaska

  • Arizona

  • California

  • Colorado

  • Connecticut

  • Delaware

  • Illinois

  • Maine

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

  • Michigan

  • Minnesota

  • Missouri

  • Montana

  • Nevada

  • New Jersey

  • New Mexico

  • New York

  • Oregon

  • Rhode Island

  • Vermont

  • Virginia

  • Washington

  • Washington D.C.

Note: According to the Federal law, possession of cannabis is illegal, and so is traveling with it across the state lines.

Will health insurance cover the cost of my Massachusetts medical marijuana card?

No. Since cannabis is considered a Schedule I substance, it is illegal at the federal level. This fact bars cannabis from coverage by health insurance. \ \ Note: Once medical cannabis is rescheduled by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a Schedule III or higher, then it may be officially included in the health insurer’s drug formulary list and/or paid for using Health Savings Accounts (HSA). Unit then health insurance doesn't cover it.

Can I get a med card in Massachusetts without a state ID?

No, in order for the certifying medical practitioner to approve the application for medical cannabis, every patient must provide proof of residency in Massachusetts, by showing their state-issued ID.